Lithan 34.4%N

Lithan Ammonium Nitrate 34.4%N is available in 600kg or 1000kg bags.


Brought to you by Achema, a reliable and leading producer of nitrogen fertilisers

Lithan Ammonium Nitrate provides plants with required amount of nitrogen, which is important during the period of intensive growth.

Why use Lithan?

Spreading Capabilities

Following commissioned field spreading test, LITHAN ranges up to 36 metres subject to the correct spreader settings and weather conditions.

  1. Reliable and trusted source of Ammonium Nitrate
  2. Lithan is manufactured by Achema in Lithuania
  3. Highly valued by farmers
  4. Nitrogen stimulates and regulates many vital plant growth processes
  5. Available in 600kg and 1000kg bags


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