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It is important to adjust your fertiliser spreader to the correct setting before spreading your fertiliser. Failure to check your fertiliser spreader is properly calibrated , could result in wasting fertiliser and variable crop growth. Tray testing is one of the best ways to ensure an accurate application. Two items must be considered when calibrating a spreader.

1. The distribution pattern of the spreader. That is, the pattern the fertiliser makes as it strikes the ground after being thrown out by the spreader's impeller. There are many factors that affect the distribution pattern of a rotary spreader and some of them relate directly to the product. For this reason, we recommend that the spreader be calibrated separately for every type of fertiliser which is to be applied.

2. The fertiliser application rate, which is the amount of fertiliser applied per thousand square feet. This is important because over-application can be costly and may cause plant injury, while under-application will reduce the effectiveness of the fertiliser.

Thomas Bell fully recommend calibrating your spreader for optimum results and is an absolute must for anyone with a focus on the bottom line.

We advise that your spreader is calibrated separately for every product you apply and we recommend contacting SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd - don't guess use SCS.

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To help you find the right spreader settings for fertilisers, Thomas Bell supplies fertilisers to various spreader manufacturers for testing. Please select your spreader manufacturer below which will take you to their spreader calibrations settings page on their website.

Amazone fertiliser spreaders
Kuhn Fertiliser Spreader SettingsBogballe fertiliser spreader settingsSulky fertiliser spreader settingsKverneland fertiliser spreader settings


Below is a selection of spreader settings available for Amazone, Sulky and KRM fertiliser spreaders. Please note, these are to be used as a guide and where possible we always recommend performing a tray test.

amazone fertiliser spreader settings thomas bell diamond fertilisers
krm spreader settings diamond fertiliser pulan lithan
Kuhn fertiliser spreader settings pulan ammonium nitrate