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Ammonium Sulphate Domogran

21N 60So3


A tried and tested Nitrogen fertiliser containing Sulphur.

21N 60So3

Ammonium Sulphate DOMOGRAN® 21N 60So3, can be spread before growth starts in the Spring. Low temperatures combined with natural inhibition of nitrification ensure that the ammonium phase is long lasting. Sulphur is directly absorbed through the roots in the form of sulphate. By partially acidifying the soil, DOMOGRAN® also makes the availability of the micronutirents Mn, Fe, B, Cu and ZN more certain. Sulphur, is an important building block in the synthesis of proteins, ensures the healthy growth of plants, and that both the yields and the quality of the crops are high. Domogran® improves the take up of phosphorus in soils where the phosphorous has been fixed as calcium phosphate.

Size: 2-4 mm
Origin: German
Bulk Density: 1.02 kg / litre
Analysis: 21N 60So3

Spreading Characteristics

With the correct spreader settings, this fertiliser spreads to bouts of 36 metres. To achieve the specified spreading ranges it is necessary to use the spreading equipment in a professional manner according to the manufacturers instructions. Spreading tables are available on all spreader manufacturers' websites.

Available in Bulk, 600kg and 1000kg bags

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