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Ammonium Sulphate Select Grade

A Premium Nitrogen Sulphur 21N 60SO3 Fertiliser


Increase plant quality and yield

Using Ammonium Sulphate results in good plant routing, increase plant growth in early phases of development and improves strength, therefore increase in yield and improvement in its quality.

A light brown clear crystalline fertiliser for spreading bouts of up to 36 metres. A spring time fertiliser which may be used under all cultivated plants; winter and spring crops, root plants, on grassland and in cultivation of vegetable and fruits. It is also recommended that Ammonium Sulphate Select Grade to be used prior to sowing or crop treatment and / or for top dressing before expected rain.

It is important to remember that the highest, and ever more common, deficiencies of sulphur in soil occur in early spring, after it has been washed out of the soil in winter.

Spreader settings are available upon request. We always advise you to contact your spreader manufacturer prior to application.

Size: 2-5mm

Origin: Polish

Bulk Density: 0.86 - 0.98 kg/dm3

Analysis: 21N 60SO3 Compound

Available in 600kg and 1000kg bags

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