27N 12SO3 Compound

Providing nitrogen and sulphur throughout the season


A high quality compound capable of spreading to bouts of 36m

A mixture of ammonium nitrate and fine-grained mineral containing Calcium Sulphate with an addition of anti-caking agents, will ensure a high-quality yield. The sulphur increases the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilisation and is beneficial for the content and quality of protein in the plant. Resulting in good rooting, increases growth, improves immunity which is all critical to the quality and growth of the crop.

27N 12SO3 compounds contains calcium as CaSO4. Contents of calcium in counting as CaO is about 7.5% (m/m).

Spreading Characteristics

With the correct spreader settings, 27N 12SO3 compound from Diamond Fertilisers will spread evenly to bouts of 36m. Spreader settings are available on request or alternatively please visit your spreader manufacturers website.

Available in 600kg or 1000kg.


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