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Enhance your crops with PotashPlus


Four nutrients in one single fertiliser. ICL PotashpluS offers an ideal combination of four nutrients in one single fertiliser

By choosing PotashpluS you have a fertiliser that is going to deliver chloride and sulphate with your potash.

PotashpluS is a potassium and sulphate fertiliser, with 20% of the potassium in sulphate form.

Enhance your crop with PotashpluS

PotashpluS provides magnesium for better photosynthesis, calcium for strong and high-quality crops, and sulphur for optimum protein and oil formation.

Quality and Profitability

All crops need sulphur for healthy growth. Crops such as OSR, quality wheat, legumes and grassland have a higher sulphur demand, and perform better when their sulphur needs are met with PotashpluS. Prolonged supply of sulphur during the whole crop cycle. The steady and gentle release of sulphur from Polysulphate over a prolonged period of time continually supplies sulphur as the crops need it. This prolonged release reduces the risk of sulphur leaching, especially through sandy soils and with high rainfall.

Crop Need

PotashpluS can provide all the crop needs for potassium and sulphate in one application and also vital magnesium and calcium.

Analysis: 0 - 0 - 37 - 23so3 - 2.8mgo - 8cao.

Available in 600kg or 1000kg.

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