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Granular Urea 46%N


A high standard Granular Urea from reputable manufacturers

Diamond Fertilisers Granular Urea is a granulated fertiliser containing 46% nitrogen. Urea fertiliser can be used as a straight or in a blend. Granular Urea from Diamond Fertilisers is suitable for use on grass early in the season to give early season grass or for cereal top dressing later in the season.

> Granulomtery 2-4 mm

> Spreads accurately up to 36 metres with the correct settings

You can always rely Granular Urea from Diamond Fertilisers. It is sourced from reputable suppliers, of either Algerian or Egyptian origin. Spreader calibration information is available upon request.

We also provide size matched Granular Urea and Sulphur grades such as 40N 14SO3, 38N 19SO3 and 33.5N 30SO3.

Available in bulk, 600kg and 1000kg bags.

Granular Urea

Here is the MV Mallard being discharged at ABP Immingham. A spectacular looking vessel, which transported high quality Egyptian Granular Urea across the water to the UK. Our operations then focus on bagging the Granular Urea, before  our logistics team take over and deliver it onto farm. This is just one example of the high quality fertiliser we import for British Farmers.

Egyptian Granular Urea imported by Thomas Bell quality fertiliser

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