N-Shield® protected by Limus®

N-Shield® fertilisers using the most effective urease inhibitor Limus® from BASF®


If you want to stop profits escaping start by choosing N-Shield® fertilisers protected by Limus®

N-Shield® fertilisers are protected by Limus®, a unique urease inhibitor, which offers a range of benefits to farmers. The application of Limus® to Granular Urea minimises volatilisation and adheres with guidance in the government’s Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Reducing Ammonia Emissions.

Nitrogen losses to the environment are significantly reduced, so more remains in the soil available for plants, which can therefore improve yields.

The combination of two active ingredients (NBPT + NPPT) in Limus® Pro brings higher crop yields than urea with NBPT as a stand-alone active ingredient.** With Limus® Pro, the yield performance of urea is raised to the level of AN fertilisers.

1. Reduces Nitrogen Losses

2. Increases yields by 5%*

3. Higher Nitrogen Availability

Available in Bulk, 600kg and 1000kg


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