LITHAN the alternative

Achema Lithuanian Ammonium Nitrate began arriving to mainland UK in the late 1980’s and soon became established as a reliable and consistent source of AN.

Produced by Achema in Jonava near Kaunas in central Lithuania since 1973, Lithan AN 34.4%N is today a recognised and respected brand of Ammonium Nitrate.

Achema is the principle producer of nitrogen fertilisers in Lithuania and in addition to supplying their local markets, the UK mainland and France are important markets for Lithan AN. Whilst Achema are best known in the UK for Lithan AN, they also produce significant volumes of UAN liquid, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Sulphur and Urea fertilisers.

The trend towards wider spreading bouts has increased demand for fertilisers of higher density and larger granule size. Lithan AN represents a viable alternative prilled AN capable of spreading up to 36 metres with the correct spreader settings.

Lithan AN spreader settings are commonly available direct from spreader manufacturers or Thomas Bell.

In these challenging and uncertain times, more so than ever we need to consider the reliable fertiliser options available to the UK market – Lithan AN spread tested to 36 metres is one such product.

Lithan AN 34.4%N is bagged at the point of production in Lithuania into branded 600kg and 1000kg Lithan bags. The bags then remain under warehouse cover at our UK ports ready for despatch to farm.

More than just AN import. Its trusted, reliable and consistent