Visit our team at Cereals 2023

Cereals, the arable event of the year returns to our calendar on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th June at its brand new location, Thoresby Estate, Nottinghamshire. 

Thomas Bell are the UK’s leading privately owned import and supplier of fertilisers. We supply and deliver a large range of quality fertilisers to farmers across the UK.

We will be on hand to meet and greet existing and potentialcustomers to discuss the latest developments in the fertiliser industry. Find our team on stand 221.

Over the two days, we will be showcasing our leading range of fertilisers including:-

Lithan  - which is a reliable and consistent Ammonium Nitrate capable of spreading up to bouts of 36m with the correct settings. Brought to you from Lithuania by Achema.

Pulan – brought to you by Grupa Azoty in Poland, the second largest producer of Nitrogen in the EU. Pulan spreads evenly to bouts of 24m.

Zaksan – a granular ammonium nitrate of premium quality that can achieve bouts of42 metres with the correct settings. Imported from Poland from Grupa Azoty.

Diamond Fertilisers

Granular Urea protected by Limus
– earlier this year, DEFRA clarified itspositions on the implementation of rules for ammonia mitigations with ureafertilisers, which means farmers must use inhibitors after April 2024.

The government and industry partners agreed that a self-regulation approachwould work best and guidelines will be applied through the Red TractorAssurance Standard.

Thomas Bell launched N-Shield fertiliser protected by Limus in 2018 – the mosteffective urease inhibitor available from BASF. Proven to reduce emission by upto 98%, improves yield by 5% compared to unprotected urea, raises performanceto the level of Ammonium Nitrate and is the only urease inhibitor with twoactive ingredients enabling it to bind to a wider variety of urease enzymes,compared to a standard urease inhibitor, thus more effectively protecting theurea from ammonia volatilisation.

27N 12So3 Compound– a granular nitrogen sulphur compound capable of spreading up to bouts of 54m with the correct settings. Made with Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Sulphate offering a readily available form of sulphur to the growing crops.

26N 37So3 Compound– a reliable high quality ASN compound for crops with a high demand of sulphur. Tested to spread to 48m with the correct settings. Produced by Fertiberia in Spain.

Find out more in June at Thoresby Estate.